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Frankfurt Chess Classic 2000 - Das Buch


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Jens Beutel prepares his opponents for the number two spot
The mayor of Mainz supports Chess Classic with heart and soul
July 2006

Radjabov’s big dream comes true
The rising star challenges perennial winner Anand / Elisabeth Pähtz intends to take Chess960 revenge against Kosteniuk
June 2006

"Even a dickhead will do a better job than Ilyumzhinov"
Interview: Anatoly Karpov new FIDE president? "Kasparov became a victim of his own pitiful diplomacy"
July 2005

Unzicker Gala celebrating his 80th Birthday includes Kortchnoi and Spassky
Chess Classic Mainz from August 9 to 14; who will challenge Anand?
March 2005

He Saved The World Championship!
Interview with Hartmut Metz
by GM Mikhail Golubev, October 2004
August 2004

"Ridiculous haggling around the World Championship"
Viswanathan Anand regards himself as the strongest chess player in the world; Alexei Shirov a dangerous opponent at the Chess Classic Mainz
August 2004

Ponomariov World Champion in 2005?
The reigning FIDE World Champion will play Chess960 in Mainz; Duel of Fischer's successors: will Carlsen join Karjakin in Mainz?
July 2004

Mainz on fire - Alexei Shirov challenges titleholder Vishy Anand
Chess Classic Mainz 2004 (August 4th to 8th)
June 2004

Thanks to Twins I am back in the top Ten
Interview with Peter Svidler
August 2003

Stop the Circus!
Former FIDE World Champion Viswanathan Anand: "The chess world can't go on like this"
August 2003

Judit Polgar challenges Anand
Chess Classic Mainz: First Chess960 World Championship Match between Leko and Swidler
April 2003

"Ponomariov has very strong nerves"
The favourite Anand has great respect for the young FIDE world champion / Hort is enthusiastic about Chess960
August 2002

Enough energy for another 12 hours
First online participant Luke McShane wins in Kuppenheim
July 2002

Elisabeth Paethz is looking for a new hair dress
'Duel of the graces' at the Chess Classic Mainz / World Champion Ponomariov challenges his predecessor Anand
July 2002

Ponomariov challenges Anand
Chess Classic Mainz 2002 held in August this year
May 2002

Commented Game by Peter Svidler
October 2001

Top line-up at the Ordix Open
Summit of world class players and professor Eckhard Freise
June 2001

"Peter Leko is favourite"
Michael Adams believes the Hungarian has the advantage in Fischer Random Chess
May 2001

"A milestone for Fischer Random Chess"
Interview with Peter Leko about a unique match
May 2001

Fischer Random Chess
The rules for the CCF games
May 2001

Battle of the world champions in Mainz
Mayor Beutel manages to separate Frankfurt from Chess Classic
May 2001

Buy yourself the two world champions Anand and Kramnik!
Programme overview for the Chess Classic Mainz
May 2001

Chess Classic in Mainz more often on the screen
Interview with Jens Beutel, Mayor and confirmed chess player
May 2001

"I'm the only person who has the right to challenge Kasparov"
Alexei Shirov gives his views on the proposed match between Kasparov and Kramnik
May 2000

Frankfurt puts everything which has gone before in the shade
All the top ten players are down to participate in the Chess Classic / Kasparov up for auction / The Pope will not play against Bobby Fischer / An interview with Hans-Walter Schmitt
April 2000

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