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Frankfurt Chess Classic Mensch-Computer 1999

Kommentierte online nachspielbare4 Partie von Fritz6 gegen Anand

Fritz 6 - Anand,V (2781) [C54]
Siemens Man-Machine Re-match Frankfurt GER (3), 04.07.1999


1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Lc4 Lc5 5.c3 Sf6 6.cxd4 Lb4+ 7.Sc3 Sxe4 8.0-0 Lxc3 9.d5 Se5 I was surprised to see them repeat this opening since it was to be expected that I would prepare something. 10.bxc3 Sxc4 11.Dd4 0-0 12.Dxe4 Sd6 13.Dd3 b6 14.La3 Df6 15.Dd4 A typical computer move - it tries to regain the pawn unless it's opening book obliges it to continue in the "gambit spirit" 15...Dxd4 16.Sxd4 Lb7 17.Lxd6 cxd6 18.Sf5 g6 19.Sxd6 Lxd5 20.Tfe1 Le6 21.f4? This doesn't help White at all. 21...a6 22.a4 Ta7 23.Teb1 Tb8 24.a5 b5 25.c4 b4 26.Ta4 b3 27.Ta3 Tc7 28.Taxb3 Txb3 29.Txb3 Tc5! [29...Tc6 30.Tb6] 30.Sb7 [30.Ta3 Tc6] 30...Txc4 31.Tb6 Tc2 32.Sd6 Kf8! Once the rook is on a6, Bd5 will control everything. 33.Txa6 Ld5 34.g3 Tg2+ 35.Kf1 Txh2 36.Ta7 Lc6 37.Sc8 Tg2 38.Sb6 Txg3 39.Sxd7+ Lxd7 40.Txd7 Ta3! [40...Tf3+ 41.Kg2 Txf4 42.a6 Ta4 43.a7] 41.Ta7 Tf3+ 42.Kg2 Txf4 43.a6 Ta4 44.Ta8+ Kg7 45.Kh2 h5 0-1

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